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Program Components


Our program  targets a very diverse population that includes both sexes as well as multi-culture and multi-languages.  Activities and services include but are not limited to:


Short and long term housing

Assessing the new admissions

Conducting mandatory continuing education, GED classes and ESL (English as a second language) classes

Conducting enjoyability and vocational skills training sessions

Testing each new resident for drug use.

Providing assistance to clients in obtaining permanent housing/residence

Conducting education and information sessions

Providing written reports in timely manner to the DOP and other criminal justice agencies as requested.

Note: Resurgency does not administer medication in any form. We do however, store medication under lock and key for individuals who are under a physicians care and for those who are taking psychotropic or any other prescription drugs. We supervise and observe those individuals as they take their medication.


All program activities are geared to accommodate people with special needs and disabilities as well as those without disabilities.

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