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The Need

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Homelessness is at epic proportion and is not getting any better. With the economic recession, natural disasters and lack of knowledge, the national homeless crisis is at an all time high. 

According to the National Coalition for the homelessness there are 700,000 to 2 million homeless people in the United States; another 150,000 recent Haitian nationals have been sent to this country as a result of recent earthquakes. Add to that number an additional undocumented immigrants and 100,000 homeless veterans.

Moreover, approximately 1.5 million veterans are consider at risk homelessness due to poverty, lack of support network, and dismal living conditions, overcrowded or substandard housing. We must also add to this list, individuals being discharged from penal institutions, mental hospitals and drug rehabs with no place to live.


These statistics are staggering especially when you consider that without a place to live, many, if not all of these people would be living on the street. In early 2007 there was a reported 744,313 people sleeping in shelter beds. Where are the rest of them?

Homelessness issues are in a critical state. In response to these startling statistics, Resurgency's three tier housing program is an answer to many prayers.

Statistics further show the need for our services come directly from our penal system. According to the National Division of Corrections 1,610,446 individuals are currently incarcerated of that number 1/3 will be released before the year’s end. The majority of these men and women will be released to the street. This is in addition to men and women who are already on parole and are sleeping in shelters.

Clients typically experience a variety of transitional and/or stability issues including housing, family dysfunction or reunification issues, substance abuse, health, mental illness and lack of employment. A productive, lawful transition to society and/or successful probation period depends on appropriate linkages to community resources and services that increase the stability of each individual.

Our mandatory program activities ensure that all of our program participants are being empowered to become self-sufficient individuals who conduct meaningful lives.