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About us

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Welcome to Resurgency - A Change of Life


Resurgency - A Change of Life is a charitable organization that currently provides housing for homeless individuals and Veterans

We believe that everyone should have a place to live. However, many do not have the skills or resources to obtain housing.

We believe individuals are more apt to develop the necessary skills to obtain permanent housing when provided with a transitional living setting and programs that can increase awareness and financial stability.

Our program activities will help persons who have been incarcerated, in Health Care Facilities, Veterans and individuals who have been affected by natural disaster


Mission Statement


The mission of Resurgency - A Change of Life Inc. is to minimize homelessness by providing housing to men and women in need. To increase awareness and to help create financial stability so that individuals may obtain permanent housing.

We continue to encourage the men and women of Resurgency - A Change of Life Inc. to enhance their God given abilities so that they may live productive lives.